Communication Issues?

Do you find it hard to communicate your feelings to your partner? Do you argue with your partner to the point of exhaustion? Do you feel like you’re not heard or understood? Do you have a hard time regulating your emotions during conflicts?

Communication issues is a common struggle in relationships. It takes time to learn and understand how to be assertive, resolve conflicts, feel heard, and be a supportive partner. Enhancing your communication skills can help you create relationships that are more connected, stronger, and fulfilling.

improve your communication

Therapy can help you

  • Learn assertive communication, “I” statements, and positive language

  • Strengthen active listening skills, non-verbal communication, and finding common ground

  • Increase strategies for ending arguments, sharing emotions freely, and respecting boundaries

  • Identify emotional patterns, communication style, and ways to regulate emotions

Gain effective and essential communication skills


Attachment, Commitment, or Codependency Issues?

Do you find yourself with partners that can’t love and accept you for who you are? Do you struggle with self-sabotaging, obsessiveness, or validation seeking behaviors? Do you prefer to be self-sufficient, independent, and fear long term intimate relationships? Do you feel a sense of responsibility to nurture, please, and take care of your partner?

Relationships can be challenging. It’s useful to explore and learn why our relationships are successful or not, why we pick certain partners, and why we behave the way we do in relationships. Exploring these questions can bring understanding and improve our beliefs, expectations, and choices. When we embrace and accept who we are, we gain a greater capacity for love, secure attachments, and interdependence.


Therapy can help you

  • Learn and understand your attachment style and seek complimentary partners

  • Achieve interdependence and healthy self-esteem

  • Heal unresolved pain

  • Have healthy boundaries and balance of being alone and with someone



Breaking up?

Are you currently in the midst of a break up? Do you have feelings of abandonment, uncertainty, or disappointment? Are you struggling to let go of the dreams, commitment, and the life you shared? Are you having a difficult time with figuring out how to move on with your life?

Breaking up from a relationship is not an easy process. It can leave us feeling heartbroken, confused, and lonely. A natural impulse is to distract or suppress your feelings but this can prevent you from healing and moving on. Confronting your emotions and reflecting on the relationship can bring understanding, acceptance, and a sense of personal power.

heal from emotional pain

Therapy can help you

  • Feel your emotions without judgement

  • Process, reflect, and gain clarity on the break up

  • Move beyond obsessing and the immediate pain

  • Identify positive coping mechanisms and self-care routine

  • Reestablish trust, hope, and sense of self

  • Accept the break up and acknowledge the good in the relationship

grieve your loss and start to move on with your life