Do you have persistent anxious thoughts and negative feelings that distract you in life? Do most of your decisions come from doubt, shame, or fear? Do you feel embarrassed, guilty, or worried to talk about your feelings? Do you worry about the past and future so much that it feels like your thoughts are spinning on wheels?

You are not alone. We all experience anxiety in our lives. It can serve as a “warning sign.” We can see this as a motivator to figure out why we are anxious and how to manage it. We can strengthen our abilities to respond to the anxiety so that it doesn’t control our decisions and interfere with the life we want to live.

Take power away from anxiety


Therapy can help you

  • Identify and challenge anxious thoughts

  • Name triggers, warning signs, and coping techniques

  • Utilize relaxation and mindfulness based strategies

  • Increase intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness

  • Promote skills of distress tolerance, problem solving, and emotional regulation

  • Reclaim control of your life

gain peace and make empowering life choices